Fear Based Lockdown

As Jan and I wrap up our book, God is WOKE, COVID-19 has our nation – indeed the whole world – in fear based lock down. Historically, nothing from Bible times to our modern day has shaken the world like COVID. World War I and World War II shook large segments of the earth but not the entire world. Governors are ordering people to put masks back on, professional protesters are closing down cities, shrill politicians scream, violence abounds, and the media is ‘Sellin’ the news’… As we hear in the Switchfoot song with that title:

The fact is fiction

Suspicion is the new religion

America listens as the story is told

With the eye on the truth as the story unfolds

But the ratings determine which story was sold

We’re selling the news

Here is a little known verse in the Bible my pastor in Colorado Springs, Steve Holt, has no fear about discussing. He does not fear the Scary Bits.

Haggai 2: 6-7 “For thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land; and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory,’ says the LORD of hosts.

‘Shake the nations’ is a prophecy I believe is happening today. Thankfully, it’s not yet nuclear war and all that. Working as a Digital Architect to challenge my customer to reimagine how they defend Space, we see Great Powers in conflict over Space, like they once were in conflict over the oceans.[1] One would think that something big like another war would shake the earth. Instead, it’s a flu virus that is an excuse. It’s nothing less than fear based tyranny, driven into our culture, that is easily refutable with basic, fourth grade math. Yet, for the first time in American history, we have state governments and our federal government actually keeping Americans from worshiping in places of faith. It goes against God’s command to people of faith to NOT forsake the assembly, and against the American Constitution that declares assembly and worship according to conscience are not to be hindered.

This is what happens when fear lands on a death culture that ironically denies the inevitability of death. Death Culture? Let me explain that. Too many people struggle politically and emotionally with concepts of life around race, Euthanasia, a woman’s choice, reproductive rights, terminal illness, Planned Parenthood eugenics, and so on. Take this up to a higher level and for the last century, we have a death culture that has us mired in economic decay.

That discussion can go vitriolic between the sides with bitterness and shouted epithets the end result. It’s interesting to me that accusations of bullying and racism are often blurted out of racist, bullying mouths. Let’s take that further into a Western Culture with massive investments in medical systems and pharmaceuticals that deny the inevitability of death. Bring on a flu like virus, call it a pandemic, then project death culture values into a supposed Pandemic framework, and you have what we are living now. It is fear driven foolishness at first glance but the deeper, hidden agendas are attempting to usurp the earth away from the liberty and life God created in the beginning and that Moses codified in the first five books of the Old Testament. This is most obvious in how policies, and even the New York Legislature, is reducing to insignificant and inconvenient the most vulnerable; our elderly and babies in wombs. It’s seemingly easy because the elderly and unborn don’t have a voice in their own demise. I suspect one of the evil agendas of Satan and his demons is to also render people of faith insignificant and inconvenient. To treat us like the elderly and unborn by taking away our voices, and masks are just the start. It’s a story as old as the beginning that continues Satan’s agendas of death and destruction.

We are living in fear. That fear is driven by models, numbers, and reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote, “Figures never lie but liars Figure.” It’s called COVID. In the tactical, I suspect many governors and politicians violently opposed to the President want to crush our economy as we approach the November, 2020 elections. To ensure the President does not get reelected. This is treason but none of them will go to jail. I hope all those folks, no matter what party, lose their next elections. At the strategic level, I believe this is the Usurper Archons, and their hordes of Shedem plotting to destroy the faith, charity, liberty, and dynamic wealth the Creator gave our nation as an engine to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Their main tools are fear and chaos but their primary goal is tyranny. This story goes all the way back to the Garden, straddles the Great Flood, and is how Satan and his demons have operated since creation.

Pulling back to the present, and false narratives shaking the world with COVID fears, I also believe that poverty and something worse than our supposed Pandemic looms on the horizon. It’s really about life so let’s get REAL basic.

[1] Zeihan, Peter, Accidental Super-Power, Available on Amazon and an excellent read.