From the Gap to Information Science

The Gap is a very interesting study that includes possibilities about the origins of Satan and his fall. Yet, that Gap has an even more important and amazing impact than simply considering the possibility of war in the heavens between Gen 1: 1 and Gen 1: 2.

John 1: 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

This opening verse in the Gospel of John sets the stage for God becoming man. ‘Word’ occurs three times in this verse. In the Greek, it is ‘Logos.’ The literal translation is that Logos is a gathering of sticks. Greek philosophers used this term to describe a gathering of thoughts. It was the concept they applied to the mind. This word in the New Testament also equates to reasoning and the ‘Devine Expression’ which means Christ. Using Strong’s Concordance and its definition of Logos, another way to translate this verse is to say.

In the Beginning was the mind of God, and the reasoning (Holy Spirit) of God was with God, and the Devine Expression (Christ) was God.

We studied the concept of the Trinity, earlier, but here it is, again. Three in one at the beginning. This chapter focuses on the Gap theory but lets apply ‘The Mind of God’ to that gap. Science gives us powerful hints!

In spite of the fact that God created from nothing – Ex Nilio in Latin – and it was ALL Good, and the trinity was there in person… many of us fail to to see how sweeping that concept is. Lets go to a specific example.

One of the most ignored elements of creation is information science. I’ve spent most of my professional life in information science, but stay with me. DNA alone is a carefully crafted executable. We do amazing things with zeros and ones. That is a binary or base two numbering system, indicating up or down, on or off. Examples include colors on our computer screens, satellite imagery, and MS Word on my laptop to write this book. Jumbling zeros and ones together by chance never produces executables that do anything. DNA is a much more complex base four coding system. It has error correction, executables at the molecular level, and produces hair color, eye color, and brain function.

Information… Executables… Oh My… That sounds like information Science down to the molecular level of DNA.

Modern Darwinism did not consider information science and is built fundamentally on what Dr. J.C. Sanford calls, ‘The Prime Axiom.’[1] Darwin’s Prime Axiom – that is taught across United States Public School classrooms from High School to University – is that man is merely the product of random mutations and natural selection. Doctor Sanford states in his book that he found himself stumbling to find facts as a geneticist when he discovered that the only things keeping Darwin’s Prime Axiom alive was smoke, mirrors, and a mystical faith in the omnipotence of natural selection.[2] What he eventually experienced was a complete overthrow of his Darwinian preconceptions… Through the information science of DNA.

Lets take this a step further by applying this to the Gap between Gen 1: 1 and Gen 1: 2. Genetics is something that reaches into the pre-biotic soup of the Gap. I want you to meet Dr. James Tour. He has a superb lecture on YouTube[3] and a great interview with Eric Metaxis.[4] Both YouTube sessions will challenge your minds but I want to pull Dr. James Tour’s thoughts into the pre-biotic soup between Gen 1: 1 and Gen 1: 2.

Dr. James M. Tour is an American nanotechnologist, Professor of Materials Science, Nano Engineering, and Professor of Computer Science at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Tour was one of a small number of nationally prominent researchers among five hundred scientists and engineers whose names appear on Discovery Institute’s petition, “A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism”[5], which states “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”[6] The two-sentence statement is widely used by its sponsor, the Discovery Institute, in a national campaign to promote intelligent design. Tour said that the explanations offered by evolution are incomplete, and he found it hard to believe that nature can produce the machinery of cells through random processes.

For our purposes here, let me summarize why Dr. Tour’s work is so critical. In the pre-biotic soup that existed somewhere between the timeless Gap of Gen 1 verse 1 and verse 2 and the 3rd day of creation, something caused life to spring out of lifeless chemicals. You can put the most brilliant scientists in a room, fill their hands with all the chemicals they need, and they still have not used their Opposable Thumbs to string together molecules that contain information that form components of a cell – wall, circuits, transport mechanisms, organizing molecules, RNA, DNA… The unique thing that God Intelligently Designed out of the pre-biotic soup was life. It contained all those components, coming together in executables, processes, and in a life friendly environment that generated more life. You see, about all Scientists can do today is generate some Amino acids with pretend lightning then quickly stop the chemical processes that create those amino acids because the processes themselves break the amino acids back down to atoms and loose molecules. In other words, the Chemists can’t create even the basic building blocks of life without ‘Intelligent intervention’ and ‘Intelligent Design.’[7]

Dr. Werner Gitt states that Information is a fundamental entity. In fact, he stresses that information is a non-material entity whether in the brain or DNA. In other words, material processes are precluded as sources of information. They respond to it but can not generate information.[8] James Tour and Werner Gitt give substance to my argument that Evolution is a screwed up system trying to define accidental progress. When I look at evolution from an information science perspective, it becomes foolishness. The work of James Tour and Doctor Sanford add substance to the title of Dr. Werner Gitt’s book, In the Beginning was Information. In other words, In the Begenning was the Mind of God.

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