Scarlet Thread

Let me explain the term, ‘Scarlet Thread.’ The ultimate “valentine” was written in blood on a wooden cross erected in Judea almost 2,000 years ago, the anniversary of which we celebrate at Easter. Yet it interlaces throughout the history of mankind with a Scarlet Thread of promises.

From Genesis to Revelation, we’ll see hints of war in the Heavens, because the Scarlet Thread for you and I began with a declaration of war in Genesis 3:15.

Gen 3:15

And I will put enmity

Between you and the woman,

And between your seed and her Seed;

He shall bruise your head,

And you shall bruise His heel.”

This verse begins the Scarlet Thread with a chain of promises and clues that climax at the cross. This is a world war. A war of worlds, actually. This is when God Himself declared war on the ruler of this world: Satan. This is a cosmic conflict in which you and I are the prizes!

Unlike Allah the Unknowable, Allah the Capricious, this God makes and keeps His promises! He promised that mankind would be the beneficiary of an ultimate Champion… a Redeemer…in fact, a Kinsman-Redeemer.[1]

In many ways, the Bible reads like a detective thriller. The appearance of this anticipated champion is the ultimate drama of all time. Where would this mysterious deliverer come from? Beginning in Genesis, the clues keep on coming. Though it begins in Genesis, this cosmic puzzle continually gains clarity over the centuries. Our Redeemer would be a descendant of Adam. Thus, Satan’s subsequent stratagem in Genesis attempted to contaminate the human gene pool with ineligible hybrids – the Nephilim.[2]

But that plan was a total washout. Only 9 were saved from the judgment of the Flood: Enoch was “raptured” out first; then Noah’s family of eight were preserved through this global ordeal.[3] When God revealed that His plan would focus on a descendant of Abraham, Satan had 400 years to lay down a mine field.[4] Again we encounter some post-flood hybrids: the Rephaim, the Anakim, the Emim, the Zamzummim, et al.[5] [6]

There has been a traditional belief from Augustine[7] to Rabbi Nachmonides[8] that after six thousand years of man’s rule, there would be a climactic thousand years of God’s direct rule.[9] Traditional reckoning allows 2,000 years between Adam and Abraham. We will focus on that story in WOKE. Next are the 2,000 years from Abraham to Christ, and we are now approaching 2,000 years since that cosmic cross. Are we soon to embark on a Seventh Millennium with the King of Kings?

The twentieth century was the most bloody of all human history. As 2020 and Fake COVID pandemic unfolds, it may yet prove to be one of the most turbulent of modern times. Just like the hundred years before the flood, all our social, economic, and political paradigms are changing. It’s accurate to say that the world desperately wishes that they had a society relieved from the encumbrances of these religious bigots called Christians. God may soon give them their wish.

As we face the challenges ahead, let us remember – and celebrate – that we are the beneficiaries of the Ultimate Valentine: A Hero of all heroes, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And He sealed your future destiny with His own blood.[10]

For the rest of this book, we will walk across the flood to discover the Gospel in Genesis, incredible blessing of Marriage, Abraham’s faith, Isaac’s journey, the redemption of Jacob, and a violent man named Judah.

My prayer is that in these stories, that are part of the Bible Mosaic, synching to the Unseen Realms, you will see Jesus on every page. I’m repeating Michael Heiser and my friend Ken Curtis, but:

In spite of the Scary Bits…people of faith should never fear their own Bible.

Baruch HaShem – Praise His Name.

[1] The Book of Ruth includes a remarkable overview of God’s program

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