Genesis 3 – 4 The Fall

Our skin suit is a rental and no one makes it out alive – Switchfoot

One of the most significant discoveries of 20th century science has been the fact that our universe is not infinite, but finite. It had a beginning. That’s what led to the many conjectures making up the “Big Bang” models. In that model, we are asked to accept the explanation that “first there was nothing, and then it exploded.”

From thermodynamics we know that heat flows from warm bodies toward colder bodies. If the universe was infinitely old, it would be at a uniform temperature; it isn’t. It is still cooling. It had a beginning. And it will have an end.

The astonishing discovery in creation is that we exist within a finite boundary between the macrocosm of astronomy and the microcosm of quantum physics. In fact, we might be in a digital simulation! [1] The eminent atheist Paul Davies has admitted that “it seems that the entire universe may be nothing more than a thought in the mind of God.”

Examining Genesis 3 and 4, we come face to face with the age-old question about good and evil. Why, many ask, if God is so WOKE, did he create a being like Satan? As described in chapter 3, Satan thought he could usurp God’s authority. Satan’s coup was weak, because the best he could do was deceive mankind. Therefore, enter one slippery serpent.

Here’s a Key – Everything we know about Creation is limited to our post-curse point of view.

[1] This is exemplified in some of the science fiction stories such as the movie, The Thirteenth Floor, in which a group of scientists create a virtual world populated with virtual people, only to discover that they themselves are in precisely the same predicament.