The Culling Trilogy

2039 America is a brutal place. Most men between 18 and 44 are deployed to Asia fighting the UN’s Earth Charter wars. At home, the nation wrestles with the 5% annual culling of young and old. It is a time of Liberty and Tyranny… Life and Death.
2043… The UN just made a deal with the Sunni Caliphate, ending over two decades of war in Central Asia. The problem is that US soldiers have no way homeā€¦13th Army in Samarqand is beginning to call their fortress The Alamo.

NukeFall is coming. The UN’s Earth Charter Treaty conquest wars wiped out a generation of American manhood in Asia while Tehran and Moscow solidified their North South power axis from which they dominate Central Asia. Wounded, Enzo Yeretz is back home, searching for his family from Longview, Texas. Sergeant Major Niall Tulloch is assigned to UN Star Colony Ship 1 and struggles with UN physicists to define travel faster than the speed of light.