Imagine If…

PBJ continues in Psalms, sandwiched individually in the life of David, but I want to go back to the beginning in this BLOG. We began reading every chapter in the Bible, in Chronological order last May (2018). I started this BLOG when we were in Joshua so I have a little catching up to accomplish.

Old Guy?

For a moment, imagine our Creator. Not some old guy on a throne zapping people who do wrong but who lets evil exist. Not a weak, distant individual who yawns at the human condition. Perusing the internet and consuming the velocity of information, people today can pick and choose, like a pot luck, what their theology is. It’s Gnosticism on steroids. We’ll come to that word in a year or so when we are in the New Testament. The velocity of information feeds ‘isms’ and ‘ologies’ such that we are seeing western civilization Balkanize into fragments of beliefs. Many that people are willing to kill and die for. My serious issue is that those ‘isms’ and ‘ologies’ at the velocity of information are the words of men. The Bible miraculously synchronizes information across 6,000 years in a single Information dominance plan that demonstrably comes from beyond Space Time. Men wrote it but the words are not those of men.


Instead, Imagine a Creator who in the beginning said, “Let there be Light.”

We can do that, though we are stuck in length, width, and depth framed by time present. Those who do not have a problem with this have no problem with the rest of the Bible. On the other hand, those who want to dispute this must also wonder when God starts telling the truth in the Bible.

Speaking Light into Existence

In the beginning, speaking light into existence presents us an individual unique to all of us. He is the only one who created. All of us just use stuff to make stuff.

3D Printer

In a huge Executive Briefing center in Redmond, I discovered my first 3D printer. It was voice activated. I spoke through a series of menus until I told it to print out a model of the Roman Coliseum. Using just my voice to make it happen, I came away with a three-dimensional plastic, printed model of the coliseum a little large than my hand.

Sideways Velocity

My ADD brain leaped to orbital models for planets and sideways velocity. Several evolution models for our solar system have globs of burning stuff coming out of the sun as it formed and cooling in orbit across bazillions of years. There is a Newtonian problem with that. Basic Physics. 98% of the sideways orbital velocity in our solar system resides in the orbits of the planets. Less than 2% resides in the spin of the sun. Here’s what that means… Burning globs of stuff hurtling out of the sun are on a path straight out. They would achieve escape velocity away from the sun or plummet back in. Those globs would not magically sprint out of the sun then take a massive 90 degree turn into orbit. That defies physics. It would be like firing a bullet down range and expecting it to turn left 90 degrees in mid flight.

Gen 1: 14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;  15 and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so.

Spoken into Existence

God spoke the planets into existence. Like my model of the coliseum, that included all their complexity, timing of orbits, synchronization to seasons and times, and the things Newton and Astrophysicists find so interesting and befuddling. He didn’t just toss them into orbit. For the earth, that included complex water chambers and a planetary scale pump system that watered the earth. Step back up to Gen 1: 1. In other words, In the beginning was Information. Down to the tiniest atomic particles, there is a level of fine tuning and synchronization that defies our limited perspectives inside length, width, and depth.

Imagine If

Imagine if… A creator from beyond space time spoke and there was light. Then spoke again… Using the equivalent of his 3D printer, placed the planets in all their complexity in their orbits. For a creator like that, beyond our puny limited frame work of length, width, and depth in time present, the universe becomes His 3D printer anchored beyond space time.

Then He made man and woman. In His image. Imagine if, indeed!

Watching the sunrise light up Pikes Peak on a blue sky Colorado morning