Judge Kavanaugh and Psalm 59

Prayer, Bible, and Journal today has us in Psalm 59. As we read each chapter in Chronological order, this Psalm is sandwiched between I Sam 19 and 20 (yesterday), and I Sam 21 and 22 (Tomorrow). The historical laydown is that Saul is unjustly trying to kill David.


Words and rhetoric have meaning. They certainly shaped the violent dialog focused on David. Especially lies and deceit. David even asks Jonathan, son of Saul, “What have I done? What is my iniquity?” (I Sam 20: 1)

Judge Kavanaugh is asking the same questions.

We will come to an interesting passage where Saul lands under the spear of David. The response is that David makes a point of not moving against Saul. In very much the same way, Judge Kavanaugh’s daughter moves in prayer to lift up Doctor Ford, not asking for anything except to pray for “The Woman.”

The Divide

Judge Kavanaugh and Senator Graham made the point that the confirmation proceedings are in a place where no good people will submit to this process. Benjamin Franklin, in his London Newspaper scholarly book review of ‘The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’ noted a quote from the book, “When a people despise their own government more than the barbarians at the gate, the nation is doomed.”

I’m not a Republican, Democrat, or even a libertarian. In the swirl of rhetoric at the velocity of information, I find anchors in God’s word to how I should think and act. Protect the Innocent, Defend the Defenseless, and rescue the poor from Wickedness. That’s not my opinion. It comes from Psalm 82: 3-4. People will decide on their own about events in the Judge Kavanaugh proceedings but as for me and my house, we are praying Psalm 59 over Judge Kavanaugh and all involved…

Psalm 59: 6-11

At evening they return,

They growl like a dog,

And go all around the city.

Indeed, they belch with their mouth;

Swords are in their lips;

For they say, “Who hears?”

But You, O Lord, shall laugh at them;

You shall have all the [d]nations in derision.

I will wait for You, O You [e]his Strength;

For God is my defense.

My God of mercy shall come to meet me;

God shall let me see my desire on my enemies.

Do not slay them, lest my people forget;

Scatter them by Your power,

And bring them down,

O Lord our shield.

Be strong, Judge Kavanaugh. You are among the best our nation has and it’s proven by how fiercely the dogs howl at you. My house and I lift you and yours up to our father in heaven.

Watching a Rocky Mountain sunrise in a beautiful blue sky, created by our Father in Heaven