Naming Names

I love geeking out on genetics ranging from History to Trans-Human upgrade projects. Yet, there is a sobering set of truths that reaches from names in prophecy and scripture to our very DNA. PBJ, today, steps into I Chronicles chapters 1 & 2. Names, Names, and more Names. This is a section of scripture just like the table of nations in Genesis chapter 10. Before you let this list of names put you to sleep, lets take a look at several big picture things.


Windy Wippel wrote The History of the World in the Molecules of Life. Click the title to follow the link to her paper. The bottom line is that following the mitochondrial DNA of men and women has over a 1,000 year gap between men and women. It appears that women have been around, reaching back to a common ancestor over a thousand years older than the common ancestor of men.

Gap between Common Ancestors

This mystery has a Biblical explanation. The common ancestor of males is Noah, the father of Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Each of them had wives from different families in the line of Adam. In other words, the common ancestor of females reaches back to Eve. When the family of Noah exited the Ark, Noah in effect became the common ancestor of males. The wives, from different families in the line of Noah have Eve as their common ancestor. Read the fascinating paper written by Dr. Wippel.

Into the names

Stepping into the lists of names, they are hard to follow through lineages. Across I Chronicles, chpts 1 – 9 are are 886 male names, 25 female names, and 25 names for nations or people groups. This list parallels the table of nations in Genesis 10. Go to this LINK for an excellent paper.


In spite of the boring nature of names and more names, the fascinating attribute is that the prophecy of Psalm 83 details the up close enemies of Israel as the Arb nations. The Sunni people. This confederacy has not yet formed to attack Israel and is in the future of the earth. The prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 details the far off enemies of Israel, Elam, which is Persia and the Shi’ite people, and Russia in alliance with Magog. We see that axis of power today in the relationship of Moscow and Tehran. The key is that both prophecies uses the names of peoples and nations from the Table of nations in Genesis 10 and I Chronicles chpts 1 – 9.


Following the names is a lot more interesting than yawning through these chapters in a superficial reading to knock out another day of reading. For me, these considerations shape my analysis of the present and seeming dire intelligence of the world situation. Why? Because these perspectives and prophecies come from the Bible – a Synchronized tome of information that straddles thousands of years of authors and comes to us from beyond space time.

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