Voting in Colorado Springs

National Recommendations:

President – Donald Trump

US Senator – Cory Gardner

US House, District 5 – Doug Lamborn

State Offices

State Senate District 10 – Larry Liston

State Senate District 12 – Bob Gardner

State Senate District 14 – Shane Sandridge

State Senate District 15 – Dave Williams

State Representative District 19 – Tim Geitner

State Representative District 20 – Terri Carver

State Representative District 21 – Mary Bradfield

City – Colorado Springs

District Attorney – Michael Allen

County Commissioner District 2 – Carrie Geitner

County Commissioner District 3 – Stan VanderWerf

County Commissioner District 4 – Longinos Gonzalez

Colorado Supreme Court:

Greg Warner – RETAIN

Jan Dubios – RETAIN

David Prince – RETAIN

NOAmendment B: Repeal of Gallagher. Gallagher is Terrible public policy put in place by the socialists in our legislature, but the solution is insufficient and might taste worse than what’s in place
NOAmendment C: Does not belong in state constitution. Will introduce for-profit gaming into what is supposed to support charitable fund raising.
YESAmendment 76: Citizen Qualification of Voters – Voting is a right of Citizenship.
NOAmendment 77: Local approval of gaming limits and games. Expands gambling. While this should be a local issue, it is not an issue for the Colorado Constitution.
NOProposition EE: Taxes on Nicotine Products. This involves the creation of new, ill-defined, fiscal hungry government welfare programs with no sunset or accountability.
NOProposition 113: National Popular vote. In spite of title, a disaster. This cedes Colorado’s voice in the presidential election to populous states like California and New York. It would link distribution of Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the populous vote as opposed to obeying the wishes of Colorado voters. This would silence Colorado’s voters.
NOProposition 114: Wolves. Individual communities should make this decision, not those of us unaffected by wolves.
YESProposition 115: Prohibit Abortion after 22 Weeks. Currently, Colorado is like New York with legalized abortion up to the day of birth.
YESProposition 116: State Income Tax Reduction. Leave more dollars in the hands of those who earned them
YESProposition 117: Citizens vote on creation of large state Enterprises. TABOR
NOProposition 118: Paid Family Leave and Insurance Program. This should be negotiated between employers and their employees. This proposition is a one size fits all policy dictated and ‘managed’ by the State.
NOCity of COS ballot issue 2A. Retention of TABOR surplus and CAP adjustment. Nope. Make City Government give it back and stop ratcheting up taxes
NOCity of COS ballot issue 2B: Voter approval of requirements for parkland transfers. This is a Richard Skorman grumpy Dick ventilation. The Strawberry Fields / Broadmoor property exchange was a good thing that grumpy Dick reacted to in a typical, liberal fashion.
NOCity of COS ballot issue 2C: Supermajority requirement for parkland transfers. Another Grumpy Dick liberal knee jerk reaction to the transfer in 2B.