Black Robes Regiment

I am shocked to be among the 99.99% who survived COVID. ? (sarcasm)

Today is Romans 13 in our PBJ (Prayer, Bible, Journal) reading schedule. I Also just listened to the Pastor John MacArthur interview on Eric Metaxas. Here are some important links:

John MacArthur on “What God expects from a Nation’s Leaders’

Eric Metaxes and Pastor John Macarther – Why He & His Congregation Have Stepped Around Gov. Newsom’s Covid Order

Tucker Carlson Interview of John MacArthur on Fox News

The Black Robes Regiment is an important group from the American Revolution. During the American Revolution, pastors formed what the British called, “The Black Robes Regiment.” Those men preached to Continental Army soldiers and stood with them in lines of infantry fighting Red Coats. During that field exercise against the British, Americans also had to deal with a Small Pox epidemic that straddled the rebellious colonies. No one suggested sending everyone home to quarantine and putting the Revolution on hold. Switching to today, Doug Wilson in a recent LA column said, “Apparently, a Master of Divinity degree does not include a spine.”

We desperately need another Black Robes Regiment.

This is not about masks or a disease that interestingly is not worse than any other flu year. If you get this flu, you have a – gasp – 99.99% chance of survival. It is about ‘We the People.’

Pastor John has a spine! Four weeks ago, he stepped to his pulpit in Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California, and preached to an empty auditorium. Last Sunday, it was filled with over 3,000. Add in a tent outside and return to two services, and Grace Community will hit 6,000 to 7,000 Sunday mornings. No masks, no social distancing, people hugged, worshipped, and receive a great lesson from Pastor John. His church serves their city, supports their police, and compassionately follows Romans 13 in supporting their city government. But now, they are being PROTESTants as they continue to worship according to conscience, as guaranteed by the Constitution, in defiance of their governor.

Using Romans 1, Pastor John says the steps God takes backward are like this:
– First step, God permits a nation to Erode conscience
– Second Step, he lets a nation Erode family
– The third step, God lets a nation Erode society
Somewhere in this self-inflicted mess, our government is using masks and a fake pandemic to erode the church. Fear is the transcendent emotion, as opposed to hearts and minds informed by faith in a sovereign God.

At what point do we in Colorado stop being fearful and act like PROTESTants?

The violation of the law (Constitution and God’s command to not forsake the fellowship of the faithful) is in the hands of Governor Newsom in California and Governor Polis in Colorado. I personally pray for both Governors to be sent back home when they arrive at their re-elections. In fact, Abortion in California is still the number one killer of people in California, far transcending COVID.

This Sunday at our house, we’re having home church with other families and are doing a men’s small group at 0600 AM at our house on Tue. If anyone gets sick, I will happily welcome them to the 99.99% survival club. Any who choose not to come, that’s cool, and an individual and family decision.

Personal Note = Pastor John, you’ve been one of my pastors for over 30 years though we’ve never met in person. I took your Study Bible with me to Army Assignments in Europe, across the US, and to war in South West Asia. It was lost with my luggage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and by God’s Grace, two weeks later, I found it in Airline lost and found in Kuwait City. I took it into Central Iraq and your study notes and analysis, that accompany scripture, have ministered to my family and me in war and peace for many years. Thank-you for teaching us so much about God’s Word.

We grew up in an age of causality. Now we live in an age of correlation.
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  1. That is a really great blog! So very true… Glad you are among those men of God who are willing to stand up! Your loving wife

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