National Flow from Joshua to Judges – Just like us from Founding Fathers to Now

Today has us in the last two chapters of Joshua and his last sermon to the nation. As we step into the book of Judges, we will see that in so many ways, the story of Israel in Judges is our own national story. Before we go there;

Strategic Context

  • The OT is an account of a Nation.
  • The NT is the account of a Man.
  • The Creator became a Man.  His appearance is the Central Event of all history.
  • He died to purchase us and is alive now.
  • The most exalted privilege is to know Him.  That’s what the Bible is all about.

Judges covers the ~450 years following the Conquest.

Israel’s history happens in 400-year segments:

  • Birth of Abram to death of Joseph           ~400 yrs
  • Death of Joseph to Exodus                        ~400 yrs
  • Exodus to the Monarchy period               ~400 yrs
  • The Monarchy period to the Exile            ~400 yrs

The book of Judges is a record of occasional deliverers rather than a succession of governors, probably written by Samuel prior to the accession of David. The key verses are Jdg 17: 6 and 21:5. Both state, “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

After Joshua, another generation arose, unwilling to help the rest. Living among idolaters, they became contaminated. Many of us see that in our own kids, whether we home schooled them or not… Took them to church or not. The surrounding nations exploited their degeneracy. As a result, Israel experienced incomplete mastery. They stepped into Military alliances, Intermarriage, and flowed into apostasy and idolatry. Throughout Judges, God’s occasional interventions interrupted their sordid slide into failure.

In this book, we will see Six servitudes. These are not accidents. They were brought on by God as punishments. One of the lessons is that Privileges are not license to sin.

Pattern in each Servitude

  • Sinning
  • Suffering
  • Repentance
  • Deliverance

Judges is a sobering adventure that teaches about the contexts of our own national apostasy and need for revival in our church and Awakening in our Land.

Enjoying a beautiful Blue Sky Colorado morning and praying for my kids and grandkids.