Offensive Operations Beginning at the Hill of Foreskins

Joshua is a book with a deep impact that stretches across the Bible. Today (29 Aug), we are in Chapters 11 and 12. Before the swirl of planes, trains, and Ubers take me back to Colorado Springs, I want to discuss the impact of the Book of Joshua on all of scripture. The immediate question is… “Huh? Joshua is the story of an invasion and lots of killing.” True, It is about Offensive Operations but reaches beyond the physical into the spiritual and prophetic. Here’s the deal. Israel moved from adult circumcision on the males at the Hill of Foreskins to Offensive Operations. THAT is commitment! But it is also a glorious story about physical and spiritual renewal. Lets take a look…

Joshua and Ephesians in Offensive Operations

  1. Each is opened by a Divinely Appointed Leader
  2. Each given by Grace; received by Faith
  3. Each resides in the sphere of striking divine revelations
  4. Each presents scenes of warfare and conflict

Ephesians to the Church and Joshua to Israel is about entering and possessing. Joshua reveals an earthly inheritance. Ephesians reveals a heavenly inheritance. This book gives Israel an inheritance in Abraham and Ephesians reveals to the church an inheritance in Christ.

Joshua and Revelation

  1. Joshua – Yehoshua is a variant of Jesus – Yeshua
  2. In both books, a military commander dispossesses the usurpers
  3. Both books reveal a 7-year campaign against 7 (of an original 10) nations
  4. Torah ignored at Jericho: (Sabbath ignored; Levites involved).
    First sent in “Two Witnesses”
    Seven Trumpet Events
    (preceded by “Silence in heaven for ½ hour”)
  5. Enemies confederated under a leader in Jerusalem
    Adoni-Zedek, “Lord of Righteousness”
     Ultimately defeated with Hailstones and fire from heaven
     Signs in the Sun, Moon, etc.
  6. Kings hide in caves; (“Rocks fall on us…”)

Looking from Joshua to Revelation, these books parallel each other down to the last hail stone. But Joshua is also a call to Israel in the same way Ephesians calls the church to battle. The conclusion of Joshua, Revelation, and Ephesians is the triumph of faith.

Most Challenging Verse

I think my favorite, challenging verse is Joshua 5: 3. Israel restored the covenant of circumcision and holiness before the Lord at the Hill of Foreskins. Most guys laugh and wince at this but think about it. Sometimes, restoring our faith and renewing our minds are physical and spiritual events as deeply impactful as adult circumcision. Maybe I’m just a bonehead, but for me, every time I fall, its like a mini resurrection in Christ alone at the Hill of Foreskins.

Hot day in Montgomery Alabama at a customer conference.

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  1. Title for a hymn: “I’d Rather Be Baptized Than Circumcised.” Women would appreciate this more than men.

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