Pissed Off Silent Majority

Most of us grumble and growl at what’s happening around us but feel strangely impotent in how to respond. We see protesters in neighborhoods burning houses, beating up business owners, pressing into violence… Even burning down their own neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the toll of African American on African American violence escalates – especially in Chicago – even taking the live of babies and daddies on playgrounds.

I’m an angry member of the pissed off silent majority but until last night, did little except get in arguments over masks and dare Big Box stores to have me arrested for not wearing a mask. I will speak to what happened last night in a moment, but I had to pull this up to a bigger picture, and pray about it intensely. I believe most of us in the pissed off silent majority can understand my big picture.

In Colorado, we had 650,000 small businesses pre-COVID. Interestingly, as the shut down hit back in late March, COVID was not an issue in the Big Box Stores. Due to some magic evil chicanery by unelected bureaucrats and collectivists, it was apparently – in their minds – only in small businesses, so they shut them down.

Today, over 1/3rd of the small businesses in Colorado have permanently closed their doors. The loss of jobs and devastation imposed on families is horrific. One must wonder if the befuddled government and unelected bureaucrats are deliberately weaponizing this crisis to destroy the small business competition of Big Box stores and big industry. Think on that.

Bottom Line number 1 = Open up. What are ‘they’ going to do? Take away our birthday? ‘They’ have already taken away everything.

As of last week, Restaurants are at 40% drop in sales. Average monthly costs to run a restaurant increased on average $4,500 per month to comply with the cleaning and other mandates of unelected bureaucrats. Staffing is down 80% in most restaurants.

Bottom Line number 2 = Stop cutting capacity in half with pretend social distancing. Open up. What are ‘they’ going to do? Take away our birthday? ‘They’ have already put your restaurant on the edge of disaster by taking away everything.

Bottom Line number 3 = People are not going to seek jobs while they get stimulus checks our nation cannot afford. My guess is that the protesters don’t have to look for jobs because they get stimulus checks. Our government is literally funding our nation’s own violent demise.

No matter who wins in November – and I pray it’s President Trump – this thing will surge across every city in America. Here’s the deal. COVID is just an excuse. The numbers are not any different than SARS or the Hong Kong flu in 1968. Using that excuse, the collectivists have embraced the romance of equality but going all the way back to the Tower of Babel, Collectivist Utopias never work. But pain is uniform.

If you choose to wear a mask, that should be your choice. For me, wearing a mask means you accepted the invitation to panic in a scamdemic that is rigged to never end.

Last note – If we don’t get our kids back in school, and life as they knew it before COVID (no masks, no social distancing, no stupid tyranny on our precious teachers in classrooms), then the very real Pandemic coming our way soon will be suicide.

At this point, most of the pissed off silent majority is agreeing with me but wondering what to do. We must organize. Last night in Colorado Springs, I went to a meeting of FECUNITED. That stands for Faith, Education, Commerce United. The audience of 200 ranged across the spectrum of white, African American, men, women, Pastors, small business owners, and teachers.

If you are looking to organize, protect you Constitutional right to assemble in your body of faith, free our schools of collectivist ideology and tyranny, and protect our small businesses, check us out.

As the collectivists violently embrace their romance of equality, recall that our founding fathers were the first to declare in writing that we are endowed by life from our Creator. That idea informs us like no other nation. The collectivists, on the other hand, have no equality to offer because in their flavor of chaos, they don’t have to. They certainly are not informed by the precepts our Founding Fathers courageously wrote in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Looking out at a beautiful Colorado Morning, finally able to be part of people doing something for our kids and grandkids as opposed to just twiddling my thumbs at home as a pissed off member of the silent majority.

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