Voting in the midst of the Domains of War

Extract from ‘God is WOKE‘, Chapter 9, “The Domains of War”

Paul said our enemies are not flesh and blood, but rather Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, and Powers (Colossians 1: 16). They are the entities Deceiving the Sky to achieve their strategic goals of world domination. As a student of history and War, I use Clausewitz’ On War, Aucsmith’s framework of The domains of war in Cyber Space, and Bill Gertz’ work in Deceive the Sky to understand the Spiritual domain of war. After studying war, the Bible, technology, and history for most of my academic, Microsoft Geek, and professional soldier life, I believe these concepts apply to Spiritual War – the most critical domain of war. The Usurper and Shedem Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, and Powers come at us 365 days a year, 24 hours per day with no respite. To Deceive the Sky.

It is like unconventional Guerrilla war in that it smashes into our lives seemingly at random and from no particular direction. Yet, from those realms, the Thrones, Principalities, Powers, and Dominions apply Force, Deceive the Sky, and exercise their unique Lines of Communication. They have a Tempo of Operations, and experience Friction in their combat as the faithful lift up prayers and supplication to our WOKE Father in Heaven. In response, our Creator uses his personal touch on our lives, angels, and people of faith in Spiritual War that straddles time past, time present, and time future in His own Tempo of Operations and Strategic Mobility across the ten dimensions of creation, applied to Friction points across humanity’s focus on the Cross. So that the Usurper and his Shedem do not Deceive the Sky in their bid for world domination.

Man is sort of a Johnny-come-lately on this earth—we haven’t been here too long. Before man was here on earth, apparently there is a frame of creation within which ours is a subset. In other words, God had a program going long before man appeared on the scene, and there were many created intelligences. From among those angels, who were God’s creation and who were His messengers, some rebelled against Him and apparently followed Satan. We are told,

Rev 12:7 “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.”

Back in the past, there was a rebellion against God led by the creature we know today as Satan or the Devil. He has many names—he is the great deceiver; and he is a liar from the beginning. This creature rebelled against God, and there followed with him a great company of angels.

Think on that a minute. The angels who rebelled are struggling to usurp and control creation by Deceiving the Sky in their strategic operation to achieve world domination. They have a disinformation program to seize the moral high ground, technologies that appear like magic to humans, and their own agendas beyond the scriptures that lay before us. Using the words of Paul, these Thrones, Dominions, Principalities and Powers operate beyond the limitations of Space Time. They have a tempo of operations, exercise mobility, and face friction in their combat.

Lets get real practical with our Opposable Thumbs. At the ground level, war has three components. Tactical, operational, and strategic. That translates to physical, mental, and moral. The Germans discovered in two world wars that mental / operational success is trumped by moral and strategic success. Today, we have collectivists inserting civil unrest into looming economic catastrophe and national elections with the appearance of moral superiority. Colonel John Boyd defined these components as:

Physical – Killing people and breaking things – the least powerful level of war[1]

Mental – lies between physical and moral[2]

Moral – the most powerful level of war[3]

The heart of the Deceiver’s war to usurp creation is NOT military or technological evolution. The Deceiver uses those things, but he is executing a political, social, and moral revolution that straddles the knowable spaces and Spiritual domain of war to Deceive the Sky. With Christianity seeming to be deeply anchored to state policy and politics, it is turning into a crises of the legitimacy of the State. Recall that the Usurper has two tactics – insert civil insurrection into economic catastrophe. All over the world, citizens of states are transferring their allegiance away from their nations to other entities: tribes, groups, ideologies, and “causes.” Many people who will no longer fight for their state are willing to fight for their new, primary ideology. The collectivist version of these ideologies embraces the romance of equality but come from the heart of the Usurper.

My company and my customer, the Department of Defense, tries to look ahead. The future of Operations will be shaped by people and the decisions they make. Across the next 25 years, this will be particularly true in the surprising rise of 4th Generation War. The objectives and actions of governments, businesses, and societal organizations today will shape the progress of tomorrow’s technology, as well as the threats inherent in an increasingly connected world. The unseen realms have been connected to the knowable space since Genesis 1: 1 when our WOKE God created the heavens and the earth. In the spiritual domain of war, these objectives will reach from the edge of the unseen realms to our individual lives. Nation-states’ policies, programs, and investments will impact the earth in innumerable ways. Shaping many of these will be collectivists executing 4th Generation Warfare on their flavor of the moral high ground, being used by the Usurper and his Shedem hordes to Deceive the Sky. Decisions to open or restrict communications and trade, allow or prohibit foreign investment in technology, engage or not with other nations in policy discussions (such as the use of technology for offensive activity), and collaborate with or shun the development and support for international standards are but a few examples that may have positive or negative impacts on the application of technologies that emulates the spiritual domain of war, and operational practices to seize perceptions of the moral high ground. Applying 4th Generation Warfare, the actions of nongovernment organizations and individual actors can be equally disruptive to the appearance of our own nation’s military superiority from ground to the orbital edge and the security of our most sensitive information. The true contest in the Spiritual domain of War extends from our individual lives to the edge of the unseen realms.

The fact that the root of the Spiritual Domain of War in our day is a political, social, and moral phenomenon, accompanied with the decline of our supposedly Christian nation, means there can be no purely military solution anchored to the standard domains of war. As much as many of us would happily drive toward a confrontational, military solution, military force by itself is incapable of restoring the legitimacy of our nation and what our WOKE God used the Founding Fathers to brilliantly put in place.

The great Israeli historian, Martin van Creveld, argues that the reason the British ultimately triumphed in Northern Ireland is that the British accepted more casualties than it inflicted. They rose to the moral high ground.[4]

In spite of the seemingly daunting things we face, Paul assures us:

2 Cor 4:16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

2 Cor 4: 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

In other words, our WOKE God is on the true moral high ground, redeeming by grace alone, no matter what we do to each other.

We must confront and oppose evil, but turning the other cheek in the face of the physical domain of violence, while standing on the moral high ground of our Creator, has great value in the ongoing conflagration reaching from the spiritual domain of war. You see, in our journey along the Scarlet Thread, Jesus made us fishers of men. In the increasing tempo of war in the Spiritual Domain of war and the usurper’s Deception of the Sky, we are catching what seems to be fewer and fewer. We must be like the disciples, overcoming our skepticism of Christ, and use our greatest armor and weapons – detailed in Ephesians 6. We just might discover, as we cast our nets into this domain of war, that the reward on the moral high ground will be a great catch.

The key for the church is that we MUST stand and MUST vote. Shutting down and kowtowing to a Scamdemic, rigged to never end, places us in the audience watching with impotent hand wringing. 60 million Evangelicals failing to vote in the last national election means we are ceding the Moral High Ground. Our Constitution guarantees our right to assemble according to conscience and God commands us to never forsake the fellowship of the righteous.

Start there. Make sure you take this to the voting booth.

Watching the sunrise on a glorious Colorado Day that is a gift from our Creator… Not the Collectivists and their pretend ‘gods’

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