I’m Voting because We are in a War

The thing that makes collectivism seemingly a great choice is the romantic notion that a nation can thrive in Liberty with all being equal in the eyes of people, sharing everything. The reality is that from the French Revolution to the fall of the Iron Curtain and even the Maidan Square massacre in 2014, collectivism quickly begins to eat their own. At the Tower of Babel and in Nazi Germany, Collectivists focused their violent ideological execution of their agendas on race. The French Revolution and Russian Revolution focused on class. Another irony, in the midst of COVID-19 and Cultural Marxism, or Critical Race thinking, accompanied by rioting in the streets, is that we are seeing ideological agendas in our country targeting both race and class. The Silent Majority watches from the bleachers, clueless that we are about to become the Silent Minority. History informs me that one of them will win by killing the other. The winner will put the losers in concentration camps or Gulags with the class or race they targeted to achieve collectivist power. To keep that power, there will be no liberty or equality.

Vassily Grossman was a Jewish Russian journalist who reported on World War II, Nazi horrors, and Stalinist tyranny. He noted the fascinating common use of math and statistics by Nazis and Stalinists in their tyrannies. Nazis and Stalinists did not build Towers of Babel, but they did build concentration camps and Gulags. For the Nazis, they used their math to identify the most threatening perceived races and put them in concentration camps. The Stalinists focused on class in their math and statistics, letting the proletariat starve as they shoved middle class and higher in the Gulags.

Key is that Collectivists quickly begin eating their own as they invade first, their own nations. In the 20th Century alone, collectivist revolutions and governments killed over 100 million people in their race or class focused agendas. That does not include war casualties. Those people died in concentration camps, gulags, and in slavocracies that imitated Nimrud’s Tower of Babel Collective.

As tragically interesting as that is, Cultural Marxism, and its dialectic cousin, Critical Race thinking, are sort of the ‘evolved’ modern version of paganism that strives to replace God with an atheistic world view in which Science is their God, Scientists are their priests, and they must emotively express their beliefs with far more ‘faith’ in the flawed theories of men than it takes to believe the Bible.

The reality is that Collectivist societies begin with a romantic notion of liberty, equality, brotherhood, and peace, but in the first half of the 20th century, murdered, incinerated, executed, and slaughtered 100 Million people. The concepts of Nazi Concentration Camps (for races) and Soviet Gulags (for classes) are more deeply linked with attempts at collectivism than any other ideology. The key is that these ideas are as old as the pre-flood world and rose to prominence after the flood in the Tower of Babel episode.

I see proponents of both ideologies (race focused or class focused) stealing the hearts of our children with promises of liberty and justice they NEVER intend to keep. To preserve what the founding fathers established over 200 years ago, I’m voting. Stepping in a voting booth is a lot easier than landing in a civil war.

Contemplating tomes of dusty History books that detail what happens when people of faith fail to confront evil.