Testimony to Colorado Springs City Council

  1. Thank you for letting me speak this morning.
  2. Looking across our beautiful city, all of us see an imperfect place but still a beautiful city filled with great people. I encourage our city council to rely on the great qualities of our citizens by letting us choose as churches, as businesses, as parents with kids in schools, as families, and as individuals whether or not we wear masks.
  3. I retired out of the Army in 2008 and remained in our wonderful city with my family, making this place our home. Across 20 years in the Army and combat deployments to the Horn of Africa and Iraq, we did nuclear, chemical and biological training in thick army chemical suits and gas masks far more protective than thin cloth masks. Every time, in the gas chambers, my soldiers and I always smelled tear gas leaking into our masks. Today, COVID is so small that you can put five million COVID viruses on the head of a pin. Even using a gas mask, not mention a thin cloth mask, is like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain link fence.
  4. In 3rd century Rome, as the bubonic plague stomped up the Italian peninsula, there were two types of responses. One was the Roman response that locked people in rooms to wait and see if they died. The other was the Church Response in which Christians went in those rooms to serve and minister to the sick. Christians got bubonic plague every bit as much as Romans, but Christians had a far greater recovery rate. Mandating mask wearing in Colorado Springs places a barrier between each of us, similar to Romans locking their sick in rooms to wait and see if even their loved ones died. Let us decide whether or not to wear a mask. Let us individually choose whether or not to wear a mask and whether or not to serve one another in these times of great stress.
  5. Fourth Grade math is awesome. Using the CDC’s numbers for Colorado, our COVID related mortality rate in El Paso County continues to drop. That’s the number that counts. Today, there are a total of six people in Colorado Springs Hospitals with COVID. Most people, like me, who had COVID, recovered and did not even spend a single night in the Hospital. That’s the important story, not the media exercise selling the emotional news on prime time no matter what’s fact or fiction.
  6. Finally, the 1968 Hong Kong Flu killed 100,000 Americans and millions world wide. Again, applying fourth grade math and applying the much lower population levels of 1968, the Hong Kong Flu had a much higher infection rate and death rate than COVID. No one spoke of masks or social distancing. Today, the mortality rate for COVID has dropped below even what the CDC calls an epidemic… Not to mention a Pandemic.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a great city full of great people. Let us decide whether or not to wear masks. Please do not hinder our ability to serve one another in love.

2 thoughts on “Testimony to Colorado Springs City Council”

  1. Another exceptional post by a Divinely gifted writer! Hopefully, the intended recipients will be sufficiently intelligent enough to understand and make informed decisions based on facts!

  2. Thank you for your unvarnished presentation of truths. May we walk in the Light, and discern true wisdom, rather than drown in the deceptions and lies that are prevalent in our culture.

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