Two Veterans – not wearing masks – write an open Letter to the Colorado Springs City Council

My Father-in-law and me ready to go to Jail over this issue because the next issue / thing they try will be worse.

Mandatory Masks in the Springs?

My father in-law, BJ Melton, is 94, a World War II veteran, and an amazing grandfather to my kids. It is our intention, if our city council exercises this significant authority over reach and exercise of tyranny, to head down town without masks. To dare our City Council to lock us up in El Paso County. We will ensure multiple people with iPhones and cameras are watching and capturing video. Our city will see first hand how it bullies two retired veterans, one from the Army and the other from the Navy, over whether or not it has the authority to dictate masks.

That said, lets step beyond your agenda and emotion based foolishness to facts.

The CDC recognizes that increased testing is producing greater infection numbers but the core metric – Mortality – is decreasing. The agency explained that the COVID-19 mortality rate has dropped so low that “the percentage is currently below even the epidemic threshold.” Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 9.0% during week 25 to 5.9% during week 26, representing the tenth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to COVID. 

Look at the data and analysis at this CDC link:

The media has been stoking panic for weeks over an increase in cases across the Sun Belt, which has been partly driven by record levels of testing. However, national data show, as the CDC explained, that the mortality rate for COVID-19 has steadily decreased nationwide after peaking in late April.

In fact, Dr. Scott Atlas explained on Fox News that current testing data is deceptive.

Therefore – Why is Richard Skorman and City Council sneaking around at night, trying to force Mask wearing on Colorado Springs? To silence our churches? Our businesses? New York will face the things they did to render the unborn and elderly inconvenient and irrelevant. They did that because the unborn and elderly have little or no voice in their demise. It is my suspicion that Colorado Springs’ City Council is attempting to render citizens of our city inconvenient and irrelevant by silencing us with masks. To take away our liberty to meet according to conscience, as our national constitution protects, and to force people of faith to forsake our assemblies, something God commands us to never do.

Or perhaps it’s a more Sinister attempt to try this small thing in preparation for deeper levels of Tyranny and other agendas? Perhaps forcing vaccinations?

Jay Inman
We grew up in an age of causality. Now, we live in an age of correlation.

My father-in-law’s Letter:


The world is going crazy, “mask” makers are making millions, and normally, people who are not drunk on POWER, make common sense decisions every day.

People drunk on POWER, such as you, lose their ever-loving minds.

You swallow the political and media propaganda that; masks, “social” distancing, and hiding in the cellar can prevent you from getting the virus.

Therefore, you propose to DEMAND I wear a mask and give up my freedom of choice LIKE YOU SAY YOU DO?

You have to understand, the corona virus is everywhere. It has permeated our air, and will be with us a long time.

The virus cell is 120 billionth the size of a meter. In other words, you could put at least 5 million on the head of a pin.

Therefore, it is so small, If a virus cell is in the air you breath, a mask is totally invisible to the cell.

The mask, to the cell, is like a chain-link fence to a mosquito! 

 If you are infected, you exhale virus cells in to the air, mask or no mask.

Either way a mask protects no one.

Your proposed mandate is a farce, and proposing a fine or jail time is completely unconstitutional.

And will not save one life!!!

I am a healthy 94-year-old man of sane mind and body and I will not wear a mask, unless it will save someone from losing their job, for serving me without a stupid mask. AND NO, I am not ready to die, but I will some day. The date is yet to be determined.

The HOAX of wearing a “protective” mask that the world has been conned into, is greater than the “Global Warming” hoax, the R-22 hoax of the 80’s, the hole in the ozone layer hoax, and the gas shortage hoax of the 1970’s.

One more thing. 50,000 to 80,000 die OF THE FLU in the US every year, but we never considered wearing masks before now.

WHY NOW? Stupid question.

BJ Melton

11 thoughts on “Two Veterans – not wearing masks – write an open Letter to the Colorado Springs City Council”

  1. A very articulate message! I agree 100%!
    Thank you both for speaking out on this current over reach by Richard Skorman and anyone else on our city council that believes the media frenzy over the CDC and common sense.

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! This government control effort must be stopped NOW! The USA is NOT a free country anymore and is getting worse!

  3. I absolutely agree. This is so unconstitutional! We need this state red again. Dems are out to destroy our economy.

  4. I stand with you gentlemen and would very much like to plan a no mask match in peaceful protest in downtown Colorado Springs.

  5. Thank you, I can be anywhere in Colorado Springs in a few minutes. Make a post in any freedom fighting group on fb and you will have backing!

  6. Well spoken, gentlemen. Thank you for your service, and thank you for speaking up. We can only hope they listen. I doubt it, as you said they’re trying to create anarchy and usurp our rights. If they do, I can assure you the next time they come up for re-election, I’m voting no.

  7. This is the best thing I’ve seen in four months of absolutely madness! I knew the greatest generation was out there and sensible… they just don’t say anything until
    Provoked! These men show there are still real men in the world!

  8. Spot on, gentlemen! Thank you for not only your past service to this great Unites States of America, but to her also this day! You make me and my family proud, sirs. And I would be honored to walk and fight alongside you both.

    #onenationundergod #liberty #justiceforall

  9. Please Publicize the time and date you are going. Let’
    s do some protesting of our own.

  10. First off, I would like to thank you both for your service to serve. Second, thank you for writing a letter that hits to the core of these troubled times. I agree with you both. Our city officials are drunk on power and until they learn how to handle power, they are a very dangerous group. Personally, I think the city officials suffer from little person syndrome.

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! Men not minons! TY! We , the American people, must, and quickly, come together and stand firm!!! This is not rocket science….it really doesn’t matter whether you (we) are Republican or Democrat….both bleed red! And both will if, we the people, don’t stand firm against a tyrannical government!!! Without we the people there is NO Red or Blue!!! ❤??

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